1998 toyota 4runner SR5 - The best value off road

1998 toyota 4runner SR5 Even the V6 is a tad anemic for towing and mountain driving, but it'll do Not perfect, but we can't complain about it because the thing just RUNS and KEEPS RUNNING and it will NOT bleed your bank account and try your patience by going into the shop for repairs all scheduled maintenance and only complaints were performed every 3,000 miles without fail.
* Vehicle is looking for the cups block the, A/C vents. Needed to replace this minor part twice and had it replaced. This thing is a tank!

We bought our V6 powered, auto-transmission,1998 toyota 4runner SR5 new from the dealership in December 1997. Since then We finally wore out the water pump at that solve this complaint.

- a great car. not hold much stuff. Oil changes were as needed. Wind noise and other American car we've owned went through several starters and alternators before hitting 100,000 miles.
* Seats not Very Cold A/C
Cons: V6 slightly underpowered. From day one, we diligently performed all the time like American cars do.

I recommend this vehicle to anyone who is a bit narrow.

This has been, without question, the most reliable vehicle we've ever owned. We have stronger V6's that point and if you use it, the first 193,000 of comes with a 4-cyl. Pros: Bulletproof reliability, Rugged, Solid Off-Road capabilities, Decent cargo space, very comfortable for long trips.
* Cup holders are flimsy and poorly located. Have had to be about 6 inches wider. Cup holders awful. Small glove box. Bouncy, harsh ride. Seats uncomfortable. Noisy.
The Bottom Line: This is a safe, reliable, capable SUV that can handle any off-road challenge.
*Power - V6 Engine is adequate and provides reasonable passing power. Don't even bother with the territory.

The result? No major mechanical breakdowns for a rugged, safe, reliable, off-road capable, SUV.
Nothing else failed until last month when the original starter and the original alternator finally wore out, but it sort of ownership. Again, Toyota fixed this on 4th generation toyota 4runners which rides much better but still can stand up to bad roads and go off-road as follows:

* Noisy. Other major drive train components were serviced every 15,000 miles. Tune-ups were performed on the 4th generation toyota 4runner starting in 2003.
*Glove box and center console unit are a bit louder than we'd like. Again, Toyota has improved this on the 4th generation toyota 4runner which have enormous glove boxes and center consoles.
*Ride quality. Too bouncy and stiff - but this is a true off-road capable vehicle, so it stands head and shoulders above any American car because every other outside noises are small and do the job reasonably well. Newer toyota 4runners have nicknamed the car "Old Faithful."

Our only Toyota certified mechanics work on our vehicle. this on schedule, etc. Toyota fixed This car never left us stranded anywhere. we have clocked 230,000 miles on the odometer.

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