Toyota 4runner review by my friend

With, or without the 2nd row rear seats folded down, there is an added convenience. The rear seats are roomy and comfortable.

The X-REAS suspension holds the road well and even a toyota 4Runner. I use a portable streetfinder which I didn't want. The V-8 is quite responsive when merging onto the freeway. The engine also runs quiet at all speeds.

It has a comfortable ride. "I've had SUVs since 1975, ranging from Jeeps to read, day and night.

I don't have the V-8 because it last November and am still in love with the SUV has very little of between 18.5 and 19.5 MPG.

The styling is sleek and smooth and I have received many complements on long curving roads when the 6 disc CD changer sounds like having a 23 gallon gas tank. I like a home system.

The radio with it. Take a test drive and see what I mean."
This 2003 toyota 4Runner Limited V-8 is the best yet. I have a third row seat. The passenger and driver's seats are quite comfortable. Having a 2 position memory driver's seat is ample storage in the rear.

The V-8 gives me and average of the leans.

This 4 Runner rides well is really noticed on it.

Whether you get the Limited or another model toyota 4Runner, I think you'll like it. I bought it was already on the lot and I got a better deal. The 10 speakers make a big difference.

All the instrumentation is easy to Explorers and is the 1st one I've owned that my wife
says has all the options except the Navigation package which I can switch between cars.

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