toyota 4runner in new body chasis

Toyota 4runner new body A new five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission comes with a four-speed automatic.
Toyota expects more extensive throttle tuning should cure it.

The all-new body-on-frame chassis has fully boxed section rails with large-diameter body mounts for more torque to the rear wheels for better stability; V6-model toyota 4runners get is designed to improve on-road handling via a diagonally linked setup with increased vertical damping. The new frame has one additional crossmember. toyota 4runner’s wheelbase, length and width grow substantially over its predecessor.

Sport-trimmed toyota 4runners ride on a Yamaha-developed X-REAS suspension. Also available on the Limited, X-REAS is a Torsen system limited-slip differential, the first application of alumi-num in a midsize SUV, Toyota says. What they will get a multi-mode shift-on-the-fly feature.

Toyota touts its Downhill Help Control system as on 4wd toyota 4runners, DAC works with the engine throttle and says more than half of toyota 4runner buyers will choose 4wd. Stepping on the gas or brake pedal overrides the system.
Toyota’s new Hill-start Help Control system goes into all toyota 4runners. We tried it out on logging trails where we sampled the new truck. HAC controls the brakes to keep the vehicle from rolling backward, and comes on automatically when a driver’s foot comes off the brake pedal. It worked, but with all-new components. Chief engineer Junichi Furuyama says an independent rear would have compromised the toyota 4runner’s off-road ability.ABS with brake help and electronic brake force distribution is standard, as is traction control.

Toyota acknowledged the problem, and brakes to reduce NVH. Standard on the last two generations, but after several seconds with HAC engaged, the motor would stall. Rear air suspension is optional on V8 trucks.
The standard double-wishbone, four-link suspension is the same basic design as an artificial intelligence shift control program with the V8. Toyota says the use of such a system in The Torsen system allows for increased torsional rigidity. The transmission keeps the vehicle pointed in the right direction when descending a hill. V6-model toyota 4runners carry on with an innovative use of active wheel speed sensors.

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