Hybrid cars - the tendency of time on wheels

The increasing popularity of Hybrid cars is a clear indication of increasing fuel prices and increased concern over air pollution levels. People are looking for safe fuel alternatives for running their cars. Hybrid cars are the perfect answer of both the problems. Let us understand what hybrid cars are and how efficient they are for helping solve the global environmental problem.

The term hybrid means a mixture of two things. As the name suggests, hybrid cars run on a combination fuel. The energy for hybrid cars comes from a combination of a gasoline/diesel engine backed by an electric motor. Batteries in turn power the electric motor. These batteries are recharged automatically by utilizing the energy that is lost during braking and slowing down of the vehicle. In hybrid cars, the electric motor acts as an electric generator by running backwards, when the car slows down thus recharging the batteries. Hybrid cars are more efficient in city traffic rather than long distance driving due to the increased use of the electric power source.

The engines in hybrid cars are smaller than those in a traditional gasoline powered car. Thus, they consume less gas and are more energy efficient. The extra power needed to accelerate the hybrid car, comes from electric motor and batteries. The gasoline engine of hybrid car runs at higher engine revolutions without using excessive fuel. In some hybrid cars, the engine shuts off when the car stops at a traffic signal, and starts on its own when the car is put in gear.

Today, the consumer is well aware of the environmental harm being done by gas/diesel engines. The ever-increasing price of gas can make you feel the pinch every time you go to refuel your car. The hybrid cars offer a combination of power and energy. The constraint before now with hybrid cars however, was that there was not much choice available. Now, increasing popularity of hybrid cars have resulted in availability of several different models of hybrid cars. Many leading car manufacturers such as Honda, Ford and Toyota have come up with their version of hybrid cars.

There is a wide choice of hybrid cars available to fit everybody’s style and need. The old limitations that seemed to exist for the buyers seem now to history. High cost, low speed, limited choice, and not the presence of all the old ones. Now you can have a tendency to search for a hybrid car that is easy to afford, not only when you are buying, but when you run it.

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