Mark Martin - Still a Contender

Mark Martin is one of the greatest NASCAR driver. He is still racing full circle on the Sprint Cup at the age of 50 he is a wiry 5-foot-6-inches, 135 pounds and very, very fit. Works in a gym several times a week and had the body of a 35 years. His longtime friend admired his modest appearance and rock-solid work ethic.

He drrove his first fast car at 15 years and knew from that moment the race was his future. He started driving on dirt tracks and won the 1974 ArkansasChampionship in Benton, Arkansas. His father had a transportation company and built the first machine of Mark dirt. There were four or five roads within a radius of 100 miles Batesville, where he and other pilots arrive in the region and experience in different types of tracks available.

His career is varied and exciting, from the State Championship in 1974 and three championships in succession between 1978 and 1980, the trophies of the NASCAR Winston / Nextel Cup, Busch / Nationwide Circuitand Craftsman Truck Series. He dreams of unity for the team this year and next and that she is thrilled to be there, you think it was her first year of racing, but like his 35.

Mark will start the hunt for the NASCAR race at 17, when he decided he wanted to drive for NASCAR. It was not until 1981, when he drove the Winston Cup circuit driving part-TME as a rookie. It worked pretty well for a rookie, but he had a personal disappointally 1882. At the end of thisSeason has been released, and he hit a crossroads.

He took a break for three years, not sure if it will ever return to NASCAR. He returned to run ASA and won his fourth title. In 1987, his luck turned when he was invited to join the team Rousch. Martin / Rousch team together for the next two decades, and how late it was. A combination of two of the great all-time record levels was in the NASCAR Winston Cup, Mark has won 35 victories, a record of 48 wins out of Busch / Nationwide Series and 4 runner-upCup

This is a NASCAR driver, with a capital G, a man who is respected and admired by his colleagues in the NASCAR race, and a too great. A man of infinite peace and determination to become a winner in all areas of life.

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