How Can I Get Better Gas Mileage For My Truck?

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Prices of fuel continue to rise. Many truck owners feel the pressure each time they fill in their tanks. The common questions that they ask is "How can I get better gas mileage for my truck?"

In this article, you will explore ways to get better gas mileage with trucks such as Dodge Hemi and Dodge Dakota.

Are your tires properly inflated? Do you know that under-inflated tires can decrease your driving speed but improve gas mileage? A study indicates that the average pressure of car tires is 80% of the recommended level. So, when your tires are under-inflated, you lose 0.5% of your mileage for every PSI. This maybe a small percentage but when it adds up, you will see the big difference. Usually for 32 PSI of pressure, a vehicle can go as far as 22 miles per gallon. In a year, you will drive about 12,000 miles. If your tires are low in pressure, you will pay for an extra of 20 gallons of gas a year. Always ensure that your tires are properly inflated.

Do you exceed the speed limit? Studies show that if you don't keep to the speed limit, it will cause bad gas mileage. They reveal that better gas mileage can be achieved if you drive less than 60 miles per hour. Usually your car will record its best speed for better gas mileage but the 60 miles per hour is a good indicator for your engine to consume less fuel. In figures, if you drive at more that 60 miles per hour, for every 5 miles per hour, you are paying about 20 cents more per gallon depending on the current price of the fuel.

You can install fuel economy devices or use oil addictive for your engines. However, the FTC warns many truck owners not to be conned with the outrageous claims that the retailers or the manufacturers make for their gas addictive or gasoline saving devices. You can check with friends to determine the fuel efficiency of these gadgets or addictive before you decide to buy any of them.

Going to the Internet to search for low prices of gasoline is another method where you can improve gas mileage. Some of the web sites offer calculator for you to calculate the savings that you can enjoy. With the online services, you can locate which gas station offers the lowest price. Most of the times, their information are up-to-date. You can save a lot of money if you travel a lot with your truck. Truly, these online tools can help thrifty drivers like you to buy the lowest possible price of gas.

How often do you maintain your vehicle? A properly maintained truck does make a lot of difference when it comes to fuel efficiency. If you get your truck tuned up correctly, you can get up to 4% improved gas mileage. A truck with serious problem can cost as high as 40% on fuel expenses. Always examine the air filters. They should be replaced on a regular basis. Dirty air filters increase the fuel consumption and the chances of engine damage. A clean air filter can increase the driving distance by up to 10%.

So now you have some of the answers to "How can I get better gas mileage on my truck. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and keep your cart by changing the air filter, engine configuration and change the engine oil. Driving under 60 miles per hour can increase the distance.

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