How drivers can save $ 52 per gallon

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Trucking companies and independent truck drivers are being hit extra hard by the high prices of diesel. You think that it's tough paying $4 and above for gasoline? Try paying more than $4.50 for diesel and also only getting 12 miles per gallon or less!

But, being that most Americans drive gasoline powered cars you won't hear about this problem as much as you will the plight of regular drivers.

Just today I read in the news about Nebraska trucking company Werner Enterprises saying that they had to spend an extra $55 on fuel during the second quarter this year over what they spent last year. That's what happens when the price of diesel goes from $2.81 per gallon on average to $4.37 per gallon on average.

So if anyone needed to use good additives to improve their gas mileage, its the truck drivers and trucking companies. Think of it this way: if you have a truck that averages 8 miles per gallon, and you were able to increase that by 12%, you'd be getting just under 9 miles per gallon.

Now, I know that a lot of people read this and think, "So what, you increased the mileage by one mile per gallon!" But what kind of a difference does that make in cost?

Well, if you're spending $4.37 for that gallon and you increase your mileage by 12%, you're also saving that amount on your gas. So realistically you're saving roughly $.52 per gallon. Do you think that will add up?

This is the main benefit of using a diesel additive to increase your mileage. More so even than gasoline powered vehicles, diesel vehicles can benefit a lot from using proven diesel additives to increase their gas mileage and save themselves and their companies money.

Increasing mileage by using a diesel additive is also a lot easier that some of the other crazy ideas and gadgets that are out there. No major modifications to your vehicle, just simple dump the product into your tank and track the difference. It's amazing to me that more companies and Independent truckers are not!

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