The Hummer 3 - A Real Hummer Or Just Another SUV?

Hummer is without a doubt, the world's most famous off-road, and it is surprising to find that vehicle production for military purposes, 1980 hours as has been escalating in the world after their, toyota, toyota 4runner, 4runner, 3 civilian versions. Announced, in fact, just this month to produce a partnership with GM to Hummer Avtotor 3 in Russia, GM sees its biggest potential market now.Everybody right, of course, recognize the original Hummer 1, Hummer, together with reduced 2, both the commodity form Box has supported the origin of the military vehicle brand.

But the Hummer 3, scaled, even more available, with a clear form of its own, this lobster or simply in a number of other SUVs participate today? "Practically all the Hummer 1 and 2 are not the owners of the fact, toyota 4runner, that, despite the unparalleled off-road Hummer, his performance is concerned nothing to brag about on the street. It takes more than his share of the road and visibility is terrible parking a nightmare and we simply refuse to think about their fuel consumption. lobsters appeal is only in its size and characteristic appearance.

Now Hummer 3, maintains a wide range of features clearly indicate the earlier models, Not to forget for the war - style small window which is proposed in the first military equipment to mention a degree of protection, but to give the pilots of today, such conditions of poor visibility. However, the smaller and more rounded arrived towards competitors like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, toyota 4runner, and Chevrolet TrailBlazer, and it is very likely that many potential Hummer owners attention a little "pay more for the competition when it comes to the purchase.

In addition to the GM made a mistake with, toyota 4runner, his plan for the Hummer 3? Well, it's just the time to answer the question, but how we let the characteristic shape and size that most people call "real" Hummer owners would go for more on the performance of Hummer 3 View compared to its competitors and The Hummer H3 comes with me fear.In despite the fact that still wins hands down as off-road vehicles, Hummer 3 is totally inadequate for the traffic. With 3.5L 5-cylinder engine develops 220 hp.

Pp. It seems at the level of mechanisms, such as the Toyota 4Runner, until you compare the weight of the vehicle and found that the Hummer 3, about 900 pounds heavier. Acceleration is extremely poor, to say the least, and you should not take when trying to place his feet when you go uphill.Of Of course, there are ways around this problem, such as creating a series of production Geiger in Germany. This kit includes the charger, to promote H3 about 325 CV should improve significantly and the acceleration,, toyota 4runner, but if necessary,, toyota 4runner, to change the time and a new car? "Perhaps this is addressed a problem that GM would have from the start and never allow the public to understand the problem itself and at its own expense S.

SUV around the world are becoming increasingly popular, and this is certainly very lucrative and growing market . Hummer has a very specific niche market and the success of the Hummer 1 and 2 are not disputed. The question now is whether, toyota 4runner, the GM Hummer 3 will continue to make clear to the market or begin to motivate competition.For more information on 2006 Hummer 3 and detailed information on pricing, visit Lobster

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