J.d. Power Survey Shows Ford Passing Toyota In Quality

Toyota passed Ford as the leader of the pack in the initial quality rankings by JD Power and, toyota 4runner, Associates survey results that the company has recently undertaken. Porsche again dominated the ranking of brands on average 91 problems per 100 vehicles, and compare that with Industry 2007 registered average 125 problems per 100 vehicles, the German sports car manufacturer, a smaller problem, it has received in the last year to 124 Questions 100 machines. Ford Motor Corporation, the largest shareholder of Mazda PCV valve maker, Mazda, earned rate for a total of 33.

4 percent of segment rates for the Ford Mustang, Lincoln Mark LT, Lincoln MKZ, Mercury Milan and Mazda MX - 5 Miata. On the other hand, Toyota Motor Corporation, has won first place in 11 categories, only four managed to tie for first place this year with the 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma and Lexus RX350/RX400h.Ford, toyota 4runner, 's Lincoln brand third in total nameplate average of 100 problems per 100 vehicles. It was behind Porsche and Toyota's luxury brand Lexus, with the average of 94 problems per 100 vehicles.

Recall that in 2006 Lincoln was in the past the position of 12 ° and its wonderful jumped to third, toyota 4runner, place this year shows only the improvement of the quality, the brand has achieved.Unfortunately for Toyota in the list of quality leaders gave their quality based study, published last Monday by Strategic Vision, a San Diego market research and consultant to automakers. Besides Ford, Hyundai Motor of South Korea's automakers by surprise, not the winners of recent years, the rest of his competitors when he brought in five categories this year have already surpassed their, toyota 4runner, European, Japanese and U.

S. rivals.Joe Ivers, JD Power executive been director of quality and customer satisfaction, said there is no clear answer to the sudden decline in the quality of Toyota, including the Corolla, Prius and Lexus models.It also worth having for Ivers said Toyota executives who publicly express their opinions, as the quality of Toyota vehicles in response to the rapid growth.The management of JD Power study shows that Hyundai has fallen from third to 12th Oddes said that segment.The the resumption of the vehicles, like Santa Fe as planned fortunately Elantra, toyota 4runner, automotive successful initialization JD Power survey results also show, followed by Lincoln,,, toyota 4runner, toyota 4runner, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Toyota.

Land Rover, Saab, and together with Mercedes-Benz has improved the most nameplates on the basis of a survey survey.JD power is based on data from more than 97,000 customers and 2,007 new car is based, after 90 days of ownership.

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