The Toyota FJ Cruiser: Breaking the Styling Mold

The growing popularity of Toyota is not without controversy. No, the car is not so much ask a question to the quality, rather than Toyota is unlikely, toyota 4runner, to start losing market share in the near future. However, there is one area in which the Japanese automaker little problem of perception, and this is the style are relevant. Of course Toyota vehicles are not bad, but, toyota 4runner, there are several models built today that is really interesting. Everything is a change from how Toyota, toyota 4runner, gave several head turning models including the value in the past of its popular Camry sedan and the new models, FJ Cruiser.

Read on and look at Toyota, as a violation of a form of violation of the new ground.Maybe the success of the Nissan Xterra, or perhaps the desire to return to its former glory was [or] something similar between them, but Toyota FJ Cruiser has decided to build was not easy. With a line-up with various trucks and SUVs filled not only with the FJ Cruiser Jeep and Land Rover vehicles in the world compete to offer, but with some of its models, including the car on climbers and versatile truck 4Runner.

However, this model was probably, toyota 4runner, taken into consideration for two reasons: FJ Cruiser is a retro style of its design cues from the FJ40 of the 1960s/1970s car and up to 5 people: You do not have the right vehicle size that consumers want, in the road remove. Yes, of course FJ Cruiser is an animal with the attitude and an effective competitor in a sea of SUVs. For the money, that's what you get with the standard model: Land Cruiser style and versatility. Original Landcruiser for their skill were identified FJ Cruiser Off Road game marked his ascent to the rocky hills and grew up on sandy terrain with the navigation Styling ease.

Retro. Just like DaimlerChrysler, Ford and GM, all successfully introduced and, toyota 4runner, sold the car retro FJ Cruiser, two tone body, restrained roof and bumpers painted black to effectively combine the old models with new, toyota 4runner, .Safety functions everywhere. Available as a 4x2 or 4x4 FJ Cruiser is the Vehicle Stability Control and traction vehicle with ABS, brake assist and electronic brake force distribution is fitted to stop capabilities. Add optional driver and front passenger, side airbags and side airbags for front and rear passengers and FJ Cruiser has riders thoroughly protected.

Dependable motor / gearbox. Do not take too many risks, which began with this model Toyota on the same engine 4.0L Power Toyota 4Runner and other trucks on the size and put under the hood FJ Cruiser's. or five-speed - automatic six-speed gearbox helps Jeep off celebration, the balance of the cliff or a steep hills, toyota 4runner, .The FJ Cruiser interior is anything but strict, but certainly not rise to the level of digestibility Landcruiser, not bad, but. Power windows and locks, remote key entry,, toyota 4runner, and the six-speed CD-radio, some of the features in this model.

On the street, 17-inch wheels began to contribute, toyota 4runner, to contribute to tow vehicles up to 5,000 pounds. Anyway decided not to tow can be locked or moved within the surface of the second seat folded sufficient storage FJ Cruiser is the top in turn is the basis class.Best inform FJ Cruiser for a little over, toyota 4runner, $ 21,000 in sales 4x4 version retail price of about $ 2,000 more. One drawback for the consumer, the dealer price, toyota 4runner, gouging: Some people say that the dealers four to five thousand dollars to the sticker price of each sold.

Finally FJ Cruiser to add, when the fuel you are looking for FJ Cruiser simply not there. The average fuel economy of 20 mpg is not, terrible, but no more. Rather, if you are interested in the car, as FJ Cruiser, then fuel consumption is one of your least concerns at least Toyota hopes so.Truly seems that Toyota has received, is styling side of his house in order, with this degree 4x4 rear of the vehicle, as strong sales in the segment of the vehicle suffered from high octane gasoline, shows prices.

Copyright 2006 - Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance automotive writer for the Tornado Fuel Saver production quality, the wholesale price Toyota

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