Meeting New 2009 F-150

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The New 2009 F-150 has 2,000 new changes. There is a reason the F-150 has been the leader in truck sales for the last 31 years. Ford bousts about the toughness and durability of the truck by putting millions of miles of testing before it's release. These miles aren't just road miles, the miles are on different terrains. Not only will Ford drive the truck millions of miles; they'll bend the frames, go through steep inclines, and drive the truck down the infamous Silver Creek (as shown below). As far as safety the F-150 takes the bar and raises it a little higher. The roll-fold airbags far exceed expectations. What this does is move your head away from the glass if you are leaning against it. How this differs from others called Z fold airbags is that the Z fold airbags could in certain conditions pin your head against the glass in a similar scenario. Isn't that comforting if you own the Ford?

Ok, it's been tested but what about the good stuff. The truck is rated at 11,300# of towing. Unlike, some just having that ability on one specific truck, the towing capacity is on a regular cab, supercab, and supercrew. All equiped with the heavy duty trailer tow package oh and by the way with sway control and an integrated trailer brake controller it compliments the truck very well. If you need the truck for strickly hauling in the bed, how about putting over 3,000# back there with the equipment on a regular cab. I don't think Ford has ever really had to worry about someone out towing or hauling them but what about fuel economy? For the truck buyer that's more worried about just getting to the hardware store and looking good without sacrificing fuel economy to get it you can go with 3.15 rear differential with a 6-speed auto (SFE Package 4.6L 3V) and it's rated at 21 MPG. Now, that's impressive isn't it?

To stay number one there can't be a destination, it must be a journey. On this journey you need to refine the edges. The 2009 F-150 brings all the muscle with class together. Having available heated/cooled seats with the new "active comfort seats" brings this New truck up a couple of notches. Sync which is new technology Ford and Microsoft have introduced to the market allows you to use voice commands to control most mobile phone and digital devices enabled with Bluetooth. The navigation system has been upgraded featuring an internal 40GB hard drive which can be used to store up to 10GB from CD's. Sirius Travel Link is also available giving you real-time information such as gas prices, traffic speed, sports scores, and even some major market flow data. Another major improvement is Ford Work Solutions. Using Microsoft Windows for Automotive, Crew Chief telematics, Tool Link by DeWalt, and Cable Lock by Master Lock you have your office inside your F-150. This is meeting your every need.

If you're an off-roader you can't go wrong with the FX4 F-150. Ford used a new magnesium 4WD transfer case making it lighter and better sealing with fewer seams. One thing standard is the new Electronic Locking Rear Differential giving you max traction mated with an optional 17in true off-road tire, you'll be ready for the "off-road".

The new 2009 F-150 exceeds most expectations of a truck. No matter what you use your truck for you'll find one that fits your lifestyle. Now that you have the cake Ford throws in the ice cream for free. The Dearborn Truck Plant has the largest "living" roof. Now Ford has something for everyone, including eco-friendly.

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