toyota 4runner: Iihs Rates Rear Crash Protection In Suvs, Pickup Trucks, & Minivans Poor, Marginal

Recent results from the, toyota 4runner, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests on vehicles, head restraints has revealed that a number of off-road, SUV have improved the protection from injury, but gave poor grades to vehicles made by several manufacturers of vehicles such as BMW AG, DaimlerChrysler AG, Ford Motor, General Motors Nissan Motor Co "and", toyota 4runner, Toyota Motor Corp. in imitation of the accidents are held by insurance companies, found that head restraints in dozens of sport utility vehicles and vans provide protection only in poor or marginalized by the IIHS injuries.

According neck, simulated rear impact accidents at 20 miles an hour and found that many large vehicles do not meet the standards for protection against neck injuries. Behind the clashes are frequent, and neck injuries are the most common injuries, toyota 4runner, reported in car accidents - accounted for, toyota 4runner, 2 million insurance claims each year, costing at least $ 8.5 billion. Evaluation of a total of 87 models, fifty-four were considered marginal and poor scores were acceptable and 21 have received the highest rating of good.

"In stop-and-go traffic of passengers are more likely to get to tamponade any other type of accident," says the vice president of the Institute David teeth. "There is a large engineering firm seats and headrests, which allows a good protection in these common crashes." "We feel our test procedures are good predictors of how our seat / head restraints to protect passengers against neck injuries in rear-end collisions," Toyota spokesman, said Bill Kwong. Auto makers said that there are many ways to evaluate rear crash protection of vehicles and are intended to provide a high degree of safety.

Among the SUVs in the rating of 2007 model year was not sufficient for GMC Envoy, BMW X3 and X5 and the Toyota 4Runner and Highlander.However not all bad news, such as SUVs and some events. Of the 59 cars from 2007 model year received the highest score 17, in contrast to 2006, six of the best 44.Los results from 2007 were SUVs: Acura MDX and RDX, Lincoln MKX, Ford Edge, Honda (also the creator of Top Line) Honda CR-V door, Element and Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota and Volvo XC90.

Meanwhile Toyota Tundra is the truck just received the highest scores in segment.About safetyThe Insurance Institute for Highway Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, non-profit site, scientific and education dedicated to reducing losses from death, injury and property damage accidents on roads in the nation.

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