toyota 4runner: Study Shows Chevy Blazer Has Highest Driver Fatality Rate

According to a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), General Motors Corp. cars were the highest and lowest driver death rates from 2002 to 2005. And the higher rates associated with Chevy Blazers.The study found that the Chevrolet Blazer, which is presented as a two-door two-wheel drive SUV built 2001-2004 had the highest level of driver deaths in an amount of 232 million euro for vehicles registered in four years duration.The Blazer was released in 1969 C / K pickup truck chassis, which makes the trucks GM.

In 1970, the largest car manufacturer, has introduced Jimmy - his model of the van that took place before the arrival of the GMC Yukon in 1992. Blazer is now replaced by the Chevrolet Tahoe full-size Blazer and Jimmy SUV.The based on the short wheelbase trucks became available with four-wheel drive or rear wheel drive. His brother, a long wheelbase, called the Chevrolet Suburban. Both K5 Blazer and Jimmy were fantastic removable roof for the first, toyota 4runner, years until 1976, when he ran half the cab body.

In 1983, presented the S-10 Blazer and S-15 Jimmy, all models less. Original Blazer and Jimmy remained in, toyota 4runner, production until 1991.GM 'S Chevrolet Astro, in contrast, is the recipient of the lowest in seven deaths per million registered vehicles. Astro has auto parts, composed of powerful engines, AEM intakes, radiators, filters and much more. The average pick-up truck, which debuted in 1985, is intended to compete with domestic rivals as the Dodge Caravan. Astro shares the same platform with the GMC Safari, its link with the sibling.

In qualifications, Infiniti G35, BMW 7 Series and the Toyota 4Runner has reached the Chevrolet Astro. In addition, two-door Acura RSX had the second highest rate with 202 driver deaths followed by the Nissan 350Z, with 193 deaths.The Chevy Astro and Blazer went out of production in 2005.Automakers said the study was limited, toyota 4runner, and did not include such factors as driver's behavior can play a key role. "It 'really hard to attract a great importance," said a representative of GM said Alan Adler.

Nissan its vehicles, including the 350Z, designed to meet the safety standards of the government and the needs of vehicles for internal security. Chris Naughton, a representative, toyota 4runner, of the parent company Acura Honda Motor Co, said the Acura RSX was younger buyers, which could contribute to its ranking.The IIHS noted that the average mortality rate had dropped to 110 from 1990-1994 of $ 79 for the current between 2002 and 2005.

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