toyota 4runner: The Toyota FJ Cruiser: Breaking the Styling Mold

The growing popularity of Toyota not without controversy. No, the car does not do much to combat the problem of quality, and Toyota can not begin to lose market share in the short term. However, there are areas in which the Japanese company has a small problem perception, which is relevant to the style. Of course Toyota vehicles are not bad, but there are several models that are built today that is really interesting. All this begins to change, as Toyota announced several head turning models including the latest version of its popular Camry sedan and one of its newer models, FJ Cruiser.

Read on and see how Toyota breaks new form of violation ground.Maybe Nissan Xterra has been a success or was it the desire to return to its former glory [or something similar between them], and the decision to build the Toyota FJ Cruiser not been easy. With a complete line up of trucks and SUVs Various proposals FJ Cruiser is not only compete with Jeep and Land Rover vehicles in the world, but with some of their, toyota 4runner, models based Highlander and the versatile vehicle, truck-based 4Runner.

However, the model was designed to be able to for two reasons: FJ Cruiser is a retro-style design of your vehicle,, toyota 4runner, taking signals from the FJ40 of the 1960s/1970s and the ability of 5: only the right vehicle size that consumers will withdraw Road. Yeah, FJ Cruiser is a beast with the attitude and effective competitor in a sea of SUVs. For the money, this is what you get with the Standard Model: Land, toyota 4runner, Cruiser style and versatility. As with the original Land, toyota 4runner, Cruiser is distinguished by its ability Off Road FJ Cruiser matches her parents announced climbing, climbing up the mountain, and sailing in the sandy soil with ease.

Retro on style. Like Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, which has successfully implemented and every sale of a car back, the two body tone FJ Cruiser, a roof tight, and bumpers are painted black to combine the old models with new functions. Security throughout the world. Available as a 4x2 or 4x4, FJ Cruiser comes with vehicle stability control and traction control of the vehicle with ABS, Brake Assist and electronic brake-force distribution, to stop, toyota 4runner, adding new features. Add in optional driver and front passenger seat, side airbags and side airbags for front and rear passengers and FJ Cruiser has riders thoroughly protected.

Dependable engine / transmission. Do not take too many risks with this model, the Toyota caught on the same 4.0L engine powered Toyota 4Runner and other vehicles of its size and put it under the hood FJ Cruiser. A five-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission helps the victory on the ground, such as staircases, steep cliffs or hills.The domestic production FJ Cruiser is not only a rigorous, but, of course, does not reach the level of exaggerated Land Cruiser, not bad, though. Windows and door locks, remote keyless entry, CD radio and six some of the features available in this model.

Outside, 17-inch wheels are its part to help the vehicle to tow 5000 pounds. What would you choose not to tow a fact or blocked from the top, when folded the seats in the second storage area sufficient FJ Cruiser is the best in class.Best all, the base FJ Cruiser is sold for just over $ 21,000 for sale 4x4 version costs about $ 2000. A disadvantage of, toyota 4runner, consumers said price gouging is the dealers, some buyers complain that dealers can add four to five thousand dollars to the sticker price of each sold.

Finally FJ Cruiser, if you are looking for fuel efficiency FJ Cruiser is not only there. The average consumption of 20 mpg, not terrible, but not so great. Most likely, if you are interested in the car, like FJ Cruiser, then fuel economy will be at least one of its concerns, at least Toyota hopes so.Truly seems that Toyota has the style of your home visit with this car back in 4x4 degree as shown strong sales in the segment of the vehicle, who suffered from high octane gasoline prices.Copyright 2006 - Matthew C.

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